We at D&J Development Inc. take your roofing needs as seriously as you do. From the smallest leak to the installation of a new roof we provide the same quality and dedication, ensuring prompt and proper installation of only the best materials. 

Customers for life.
We are Dallas’ only all 5-star rated roofing contractor on Yahoo and Google local with reviews and positive feedback from our customers. Our personnel enjoy a steady income, enabling us to maintain the highest quality installations for our customers. 


“I called 4 roofing contractors to give me an estimate to replace my roof. D&J Development Inc. was by far the most knowledgeable of all the contractors. They were able to contact the insurance company and they paid for my new roof. We would definitely use them again and have referred them to several friends in the last few weeks!”
- James

“They did a great job on my roof and gutters. After 3 tries with the insurance company to get my roof replaced using 2 other roofing companies, D&J Development Inc. was able to get them to pay for it. The crews worked quickly and cleaned up well.”
- Angelo

For those contractors who do not like to honor warranties, they will tell you that the warranty is from the manufacturer of the roofing materials that were used. That’s a nice way of saying; my companies not responsible to cover your roof warranty. Can you rely on that or him if all you have is a cell phone number? 

And that is if you can find the company five years after they installed your roof, which in many cases you cannot. This is why it is best to choose an established roofing contractor in your area. Do not make pricing and cost your #1 priority. There is a balance between cost efficiency and customer service, and you need to strike that balance. 

Roofing materials do deteriorate and are affected by climate conditions and the elements. That means that they are going to break down. Just like your car breaks down. When your car breaks down you take it to the dealer, when your roof breaks down you take it to your contractor, if you can even find a quality contractor. 

When you’re looking for a roofing contractor, check the offered warranty. Choose a contractor that has established themselves in the community over a period of time. Choose anyone less than that and you are at risk for wasting your money and potentially not getting a warranty claim covered in the event that your roof has an issue. 

We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty with all new roofs and you can rest assured that we will be here in the event you need us. 

You have two factors to consider regarding your warranty being voided: #1. Your insurance company will not replace a faulty installed roof. 

Unlike your car you can tell if the mechanic did not do a certain repair because your car will show signs relatively quickly. However, you will not be able to tell that your roof is installed improperly until a high sustained wind blow portions of your roof off.

Why Hire Us

Our success is due to referrals and repeat business from our previous customers. We hope that D&J Development Inc. will be considered for all of your roofing and home remodeling needs. 

We communicate with you.
Communication with our customers is always a priority. Many roofing and construction companies will send a crew of workers to your home, going right to work but not providing any interaction to assure you that the project is proceeding correctly. At D&J Development Inc., your on-site roofing specialist will keep you informed from start to finish, addressing any concerns you have and ensuring the job begins and ends on time.

Quality Assurance.
Upon completion of every job, our Quality Assurance Inspectors check every roof to make sure it meets our workmanship standards. D&J Development Inc. provides a 10 year Workmanship Warranty which is the longest Workmanship Warranty in the business. 

We also stand by our commitment to personal service for every customer. We know that not every roof is the same and not every insurance claim can be handled the same way. We will work with you to find the best solution to any problem we may face with your roof repair, replacement or interior repair claim.

10 Reasons You Can Trust D&J Development Inc.

  1. Locally owned company: We are a family business with Dallas ties. We do not chase storms and will be here for years to come.
  2. Customer reviews: 99% of our clients rate us as “Excellent” or “Outstanding” on overall quality of service.
  3. Quality control: The supervisor will personally inspect your completed project for correct installation to manufacturer’s specifications.
  4. Flexible scheduling: Call us to today and we will schedule an appointment within 24-48 hours.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: If you are not happy with the project or clean-up we will return and make it right.
  6. Full-service: We do it all: Construction from A-Z.
  7. Insured/bonded: We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with $2,000,000 liability to protect your property.
  8. We know Dallas windstorm regulations: Even if you don’t live in TWIA inspected areas, we install all roofs to meet TWIA installation standards.
  9. Factory certified: We are factory certified by GAF Materials Corporation, North America’s largest roofing manufacture.
  10. Customer service: Above all, customer service is our highest priority.

D&J Development Inc.  saved us a ton of money by fixing our leaking roof! They came out in an emergency situation and had the problem taken care of in no time.”
- Byron

Choosing a contractor in any business for any home repair is difficult. 

Just about anyone out there that can put a roof on can make it look good when it’s first installed. The problem is, when there is an issue with the roof, did the contractor offer any roof warranties? 

A roof warranty is only as good as the company that installed your new roof. The problem is, roofing contractors in many communities across America are in and out of business so quickly that it’s difficult to get a warranty claim covered in the event something happens.